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1 June 1965
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I've been here before, twice actually. Met many birds of a feather, but for one reason or other had to delete and begin anew. So I am now back. This is nothing more than a chronicle of my sexual adventures, the people I meet both here and elsewhere. Sometimes the names will be changed to protect the innocent (?).

If your interests, any, some or all, are alike, then welcome. If not , go the fuck away. I am here to eventually or possibly meet with those who think and live as I do, sexually. I don't need "vanilla" friends as I have many. And I also have another side of my life that is quite full.

SEX. I want to meet you for it. Prolong it, feed it to you, take it from you, adore you for it and maybe even loathe you for it. My inerest is women, or couples or groups. I am heterosexual but not in the least homophobic. If you reside in the Philly / New Jersey area or somewhere there abouts and we have things in common, a connection, the door is "wide" open. Are you in touch with your inner slut & comfortable with that? Then I want to know you, perhaps fuck you, once, twice, a few times or many more times.

The only thing you need know of me on my other side of life is that I am a former (trained) musician, but have spent the most part of my adult life as a photographer. (related links can follow later)

Be real or don't waste my friggin time.

Addendum - 1 June 2007 - I am seeking a fuckslutoy for the summer, maybe longer. (my preferences are NOT carved in stone, any all some are ok). Bi, 25-40 busty, shaved, pierced, tattoos & sharing some of my interests above. When out, you will be treated like a lady, unless otherwise agreed upon. Indoors, you are a slutwhorecuntcocklover. Who's up for this? Something to write in your journal as well. So how would you like to get it off?