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It was almost as if she were off somewhere else, her eyes rolled up in her head, her tongue, seeming to lick at nothing and she was repeating over n over n over.....

fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass

I myself was about to loose complete control of my cock & I was actually able to use my own hand in her cunt to rub my cock thru the thin wall that separated her two openings. I concentrated 3 fingers on the sensitive spot on the head as I pistoned in & out of her. Pushing down harder and rubbing it, I was just about there.

And then out of the blue, with no warning at all, it happened. The jizz was pushing itself up to the tip of my shaft and I was shaking all over. I had a hard time now thrusting as my cum was racing to it's finish.

Usually, I'm a fan of pull out and spray, but I had something else in mind this time. Looking down I could see the sweat from my face drip down all over her chest & on to her nipples that were still tightly bound in the clamps. FUCK this was incredibly hot

I was there, the cum began to pump out of my cock and deep into her. As it was happening, I finished my thrusting and just ground into her in circular motions, stretching her a bit more. All the while, my hand remained on my cock jerking myself off into her.

By the time I / we were done, both of us were dripping in sweat and shiny with it as well. I could now feel my shaft slowly softening inside her & so I pulled it out with a lovely popping sound as I dislodged myself from her. I then removed my fist from her gaped cunt.

I looked down, her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open. I took advantage of this and straddled her chest. My balls ware slipping against her cleavage and I placed my cock into her mouth. She took it right in and swallowed the entire length - cleaning it off like a good little cumpig.

Finally, I uncuffed her ankles, got a towel, & gently wiped off the sweat from her and kissed her deeply as I did so. I left the nipple clamps for last.

After about 20 minutes of coming down time, slutdenise and I took a shower together & I could not help but get erect a 3rd time as I watched her soaping herself up. Naturally, I jerked myself off as I watched her, finally grabbing the waterpic and taking it down from its' holding place. I passed it to her and turned her around to face the wall. The shower head went right between her legs and to her clit. I bent her over a bit, spread her cheeks and slipped in to her pussy. Amazing, that after the fisting I'd given her, she was still tight. It took no time whatsoever to squeeze out whatever was left in my balls.

I bent her over, spread her further and licked at her worn out hole as she sprayed water on both of us.

Ahhhhhh, Sunday morning, a good time for filthiness.

Who wants some? Who's brave?
I am sitting there now, my cock still amazingly erect and at the ready, and slowly sipping my coffee. And the lewd sight that was denise, with sperm all over her face, sweat covering her tits & her cunt wide open and inviting me in, was sufficient to keep me hard as I pondered my next move.

I stood back up, walked over to her and scooped my left overs off her face and dropped it into what was left of my coffee. Putting it to her mouth, I simply said "drink", and she gulped down the rest. How I fucking adore a woman with few limits.

My cock was still raging and soon it was time to assault her open asshole. I walked back into the closet & came out with a riding crop & nipple clamps. At this point, I was behind her and leaned over, slowly sliding my tongue deep into her mouth (if for no other reason than to let her know how much I appreciate her being such a fuckslut). After a moment or two, I pulled back and put 3 fingers into her mouth and drew out her own saliva & coated her nipples with it. I pinched & tweaked them so they'd stand erect to accept the clamps First one, & she grimmaced, then the other and she moaned - quite loudly mind you. With the chain that connected both of them, I pulled up and tugged hard on them. Watching her squirm in her seat, unable to move from there only heightened my senses and solidified my shaft.

I dropped the chain and walked out of the room to leave her to her own devices for a bit. Once in the living room, I simply stood there and waited for my cock to go down. I turned on the stereo and tuned it in to some classical music.

Noticing that my cock had gone down I grabbed my cockring and slipped it on, jerked myself back to hardness and went back into the bedroom. denises' head was lolling left n right, her fingers were already deep in her cunt working herself into a frenzy. She'd already soaked the chair and the sloshing sounds coming from in between her legs put me into a fever.

I bent down in front of her, removed the plug from her tight ass & drooled on her fingers and pushed my tongue on her clitoris. With my free hand I grabbed her wrist and puller her hand out from her pussy. I pushed it up towards her face and told her to suck (which she did).

Four fingers slid right the fuck into her bald opening and she clamped down on them. I could tell that she was wide open inside and in seconds, I bent my thumb and pushed that in as well. I was in up to my wrist now and she was bucking and begging for it to be harder n faster. I completely ignored her request. No sooner was I fisting her, than I removed my hand entirely. I stood up, pulled her hand from her mouth and had her jerk me off. Her saliva covered my shaft. When I was ready, I pushed her hand back into her mouth and coated my cock with her juices from my fist.

Without warning, I just pushed my cock into her ready asshole - BALLS DEEP. As she grunted, I pushed my hand back into her cunt. I was stoked as she gasped for air and finally began pounding into both her openings. The visual was spectacular as I saw my hand buried in her bald cunt and my cock pumping into her well used ass at the same time.

I continued to use her this way for about 20 minutes or so before I felt my spasms start. slutdenise had already came numerous times and rivers of her juice were leaking from her. My own cum was beginning to boil and I could feel the tightness in my balls.
showed up this morning right out of the blue @ 9am

dressed in fishnets, a short skirt (no panties) & freshly smooth shaven bald

she was horny, she said & needed to be used and fucked as only I seem to be able to do for her.

groggy eyed, I turned on the coffee and stripped her out of her skirt and off came her blouse

pierced nipples & cuntlips always do it for me and my erection was at full throb and ready to do it's work

I put her in the butterfly chair, attached the restraining cuffs round her ankles, put the chains on and spread her wide open to the wall.

I ran my cock against her cuntlips then abruptly walked back into the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee and get some vitamins.

occassionaly she likes to defy me and finger herself b4 she's been told to do so, and of course this was one of these times. yes, I did, in fact, leave her hands free.

sitting on the bed, I ate my vitamins and slowly drank my coffee as she fingered her hole.

her eyes were already glazed over as she busied herself and stared at my erection.

I could see how she already glistened and the juices were leaking from her in a steady flow.

after a few minutes of this, I got up, walked into the closet and returned with a buttplug which immediately went right up her waiting asshole. I own her ass and it is mine to do with as I please.

I stood beside her, looking down as she masturbated and without notice jammed my cock into her throat. I pushed hard and deep until she choked and gagged on it. the sight of her saliva dripping down her face to my balls further stiffened my cock in her mouth.

without notice, I blew my load right down her gullet & she drank greedily.

such a sight, she, sitting, her legs splayed wide open & chained to the wall, and my morning jizz falling from her lips.

I sat back down to my coffee and waited to recover b4 using her ass for my pleasure
We met a few nights ago at Philadelphia Race Track for drinks and slots.

Abuot an hour later I saw her to her car & we agreed to meet tonight.

I had her suck my cock in the parking lot and blew my load down her throat.

I'm going to have to teacher how to suck dick, she's not anywhere near my top 10.

But she's incredibly submissive and loves being told what to do and made to do it. So for now she will certainly fill my needs for all things sexual.
I used to troll KMart for MILFS to fuck, (ya gotta look at the ring finger to see if one is married or engaged), no ring? fair game ! Mostly blue collar tho and many, a bit ruff around the edges.

And I did pretty well too.

Now we have Target. Same rules, same game plan. But the MILF's here are more white collar, but funny thing tho, they can be quite more the slut than their blue collar counterparts. However, I have managed to shock the hell out of a good number of them. Most have to be "taught" to like it ruff and filthy.

So here's to milfs, sluts, Target, and filthy dirty ruff sex & the women who WANT to be treated that way when they are naked before me.
The slut Denise showed up at my door on her way home from work. Right outta the blue !

She barely got in the door and simply asked if she could suck my cock.

I nodded a yes & before I could get the door closed, she dropped to her knees,
pulled out my shaft and popped it right into her mouth. She held it there until
I'd grown to full length (at which time she began gagging).

She then proceed to suck me off until I shot my load right down her throat and
on her face.

She got up, opened the door & as she left, she said, "I'll see you next week for drinks"

The submissive slut Denise is back in the picture, or so it seems.

I am meeting her for drinks and sex in about a week. We shall see.

I taught her everything she needs to know about fucking, kink, fetish, ruff anal, and how to appreciate what my balls give up to her as a reward.

Unfortunately, our escapades only lasted a year and her training was no where near completed.

Perhaps this time it will be different.

Oh, and those of you who may be local? I am thinking maybe I will invite those interested parties to come view her and use her as well. Male, female, matters not. She's a cock pig and a cumslut and she will do as she is told to give me pleasure. She's a chronic masturbater and loves being watched and told what to do.

Yes and photos, many MANY photos to be posted.
it was a total bust (no pun) and a MAJOR disappointment

ahh well, shit happens

so now 8 days on the west coast fo Florida shall do me good

oh and a side note to the long lost worthelss as shit gabi....

All of my experiences here have always been of women in the past.

However, right now, I am expecting a visitor at about 1 pm.

She "picked me up" from an old & rarely used MySpace profile.

She's 38, married and completely unfulfilled.

She has fantasies that she wants to live out & describes herself as a "freak".

As if that's a bad thing. Well, we SHALL delve into that.

I have all my stuff ready and within 5 minutes of her arrival, I guarantee she will
be naked and have my cock stuffed way down her throat.
I was currently winding down a relationship with someone at this point (not worth a mention for now).

But as it was, I was at the Adult bookstore picking us up a new toy for playtime. The people that worked there knew me, knew I was involved in the swing scene and this place even had a bulliten board for locals looking to meet.

As I was checking out my "stuff", the guy behind the counter let me know of a guy who was looking for people to "do" his wife while he watched. OK< this sounded like fun. So I took the phone #, and went on my way. It sat on my desk for about a week or so. Finally, I picked it up and rang him up. He wasn't very truthful about any of this, or so I found out later on. She knew nothing of any of this and was actually appalled at the idea when she found out.

Also, the marriage was not in good shape either. I found out later, that he thought this would help, but she simply wanted out. Oh well.

Anyway. He and I talked on the phone for a bit, then agreed that I would come by for dinner the following week. They were both young(er), he was maybe 23 and she was all of 19 years old, with a 8 month old baby. She was absolutely adorable. I knew I would just LOVE to sink into her and do dirty things to. Dinner was very nice, but she kept looking at me (when he wasn't paying attention) and giving me these very odd looks (to be explained a bit later on).

Maybe two hours had passed of nothing more than small talk and when it was time to leave, I'd agreed to come back and take some professional photos of her in about a week or two. Kirs saw me to the door, gave me a peck on the cheeks and as she shook my hand, passed a note to me.

As I got in my car, I opened it & it said, "I want to talk to you, I will call tomorrow night at 8 o'clock."

WOW ! OK, this was a new one on me. I didn't quite get what was going on here, but, found it to be pretty interesting in it's scope. Little did I know what the next few weeks and month or two was going to bring.

But I get ahead of myself. So hang in, I'll be back in a days time or two and give you Kris.
(or how I truly deflowered her)