slutdenise is a very dirty woman. She does as she's told, when she's told and never complains. She loves being used sexually has little to no limits, but something is missing. First off, we have no relationship other than fucking. We both know this, it's been agreed upon and each of us gets to go our own way, no questions asked.

But even tho the sex is what I want, how I like it et al, something is missing there.

There is no personality, it's almost as if she's empty. For instance, if we're out at dinner or drinks, I feel as if I'm by myself.

My life as it is, simply doesn't allow for an LTR for the time being, but I'm needing something with a bit more give & take in other departments.

So who's in the Philly, NJ, Del area that wants to hang with me this summer? I'd like to fuck someone with some kind of personality. Dinner, drinks, movies, hot dirty FUCKING, with no constraints of what a "relationship" brings.

find me at

I'm waiting, it's hot out & so am I