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and I just got home from a job

I walk in to the house and hear the sounds of sex, moaning, groaning & the like.

I realize that it's coming from the TV, but there other sounds as well.

It's coming from my house guest, she's in bed watching, her legs wide open and knees bent upwards.

Lovely sight, mind you. My black (toy) bag is on the floor, opened & next to the bed. A vibrator is lodged up in her ass buzzing away. and she's slamming a long black rubber dildo (with a handle) in her cunt. With her free hand she's spanking her clit.

Voyeurs delight.

I try to pay her no mind and simply strip off, walk to my computer and boot it up. Why?, to tell you about this. Needless to say my cock is completely erect and throbbing madly at the sight of this.

As I wait, I look at her and tell her to stop. She pouts, just a bit. I roll back my chair a bit, open my legs and tell her to come in between my legs and suck me.

So I sit here writing this as she takes me into her throat. She's working me well - the balls, inner thighs, my ass, saliva drippin as I like it, & her hands' all over me. I have no plans to cum anytime soon.

Lockjaw may occur before I before I dispense with a protein reward.



(the rest of day one to follow in a few days time)
yummmy .. thanks for sharing