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I got home from a shoot last night round 1am. I was not in the mood to edit.

So what do I do instead? Fucking laundry. Turns out it wasn't such a bad idea after all.

I get into the laundry room and one of my neighbors is there fucking his girlfriend while HER girlfriend is taking pix of them.

Now isn't this special? OK, so here's the visual. Two dryers next to each other and a bar hanging from the ceiling (to hang) shirts from. The guy is sitting on the dryer and she is squatting on him facing away, her hands holding on to the bar as she rides him. I barely notice the guy, other than he's got a huge cock and he's slapping into her. She on the other hand has a nice set of tits, flopping and bouncing around, his hands running all over them. A nicely shaved cunt and her juice is dripping all over him. Jet black hair in a ponytail. All three having noticed me and almost pay me no mind in continuing what they are doing.

So I lean over to the babe taking pix and whisper to her, "So, do you come her often"?
As I do so, I run my hand down and slide it over her ass cheeks. Wouldn't ya know it & just my luck, she leans her head back onto my shoulder and lets out a soft moan.

The guy finally looks over at me and grins some kinda perverse acknowledgement. At this I ask him, if this is a private party of can anyone join? The guy is too into what he's doing and simply grunts, "whatever".

At this point my laundry basket is down on the floor and I run my hands along this babes waist n ribs. It really doesn't hurt that she's wearing a pair of shorts & a tank top. I slide both my hands underneath her top and grab hold of a nice set of tits, with nipples fully erect.

I take control of the situation and push her closer to her two copulating friends. Getting no resistance, I bend her over in between them and without any additional prompting from me, she grabs the guys dick, pulls it out of her girlfriend and envelopes the thing with her mouth. With my crotch to her ass, I grind her and she humps back on me.

Alright then, so this isn't a private party and it seems I'm a welcomed guest. I drop my short and out comes my already swollen shaved cock. It fits nicely along her asscrack and I slide it up n down on her as she continues to suck. Fuckee #1 wriggles out from underneath her boyfriend and off the machine. To my surprise and delight, she comes and stands behind me, puts her arms round me and starts tweaking my nipples, tugging on the rings & darting her tongue in & out of my ear.

They don't stay there for long. I can feel her entire body slowly working down my back and her hands in front are going lower and lower. She stays away from my shaft & instead, cups my ball sack with both hands and then snakes her tongue into my ass. Now this was going to turn out to be a lovely ending to a rather dull day.

The sweet ass in front of me was now fully bent over and exposed to my line of sight. So I took advantage of the situation and slipped two fingers in the opening of fuckee #2. #1 noticed this and immediately took one hand, grabbed my own and quickly removed it. Instead, she then grabs my erection, tugs it two or three times and simply pushes it right into her friend.

Please let me know if you want to find out what else happened, how, where, & who. I'd just love to share this adventure.
i would LOVE to know the rest
Hell yeah, more details please!