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As you may, or may not have noticed, I am not here much, it's been a busy & hectic summer. More importantly tho, I've grown bored & tired of this - not you, just this place.

Real time ! Who wants it? Who's near Philly? Who's full of crap ?
She's been gone a week now, WOW, I am thoroughly exhausted.

It was well over a weeks worth of filth, perversity and dirty non stop fucking. How did I get THAT lucky?

I'll be back in a day or two & start filling in all the blanks.

I'm off to work now & she's off to do whatever the fuck it is she does.

She leaves on Monday to go back to L.A. & we've agreed not to leave the house at all so as to engage in some marathon filthy raunch.

I'm planning on shackling her to the wall for some time and thoroughly abusing her.

How the hell I'm going to document all that's gone down is beyond me.

I will endeavor tho.
We just got out of the shower and are preparing to go out, have dinner n drinks & watch some
4Jul fireworks bangs.

We fucked in the shower for about 45 minutes and she simply adored THE WATERPIC ON HER CLIT as I
raped her tight ass over & over. Oh how she was squealing.

But that's quite another story for here & not my purpose as of now.

Last entries BJ .......

I want to hear from all of you, some of you, ANY of you regarding the longest blow job.

I am NOT a greedy or selfish sex partner, NO, not in the very least. It matters not what I am doing to my partner or how, whether I am using her, abusing her, ruffing her up, chained, cuffed, tied, verbally humiliating her, fisting or whatever else it is I do. I always see to her needs, whatever they may be. If it's before, during or after, she will always get her pleasures.needs met.


The blowjob, was ALL about me, my cock, my pleasure and maybe even a Guinness (spelling?) Book of World Records?

Her mouth pleasured my entire crotch area for well over 3 1/2 hours before I dumped my seed all over her face & down her throat. Any kind of cocksucking you can come up with, I had her indulge me.

I want to know what, who, where & when was the longest time spent orally pleasuring a cock.


off to do some skywatching

and I just got home from a job

I walk in to the house and hear the sounds of sex, moaning, groaning & the like.

I realize that it's coming from the TV, but there other sounds as well.

It's coming from my house guest, she's in bed watching, her legs wide open and knees bent upwards.

Lovely sight, mind you. My black (toy) bag is on the floor, opened & next to the bed. A vibrator is lodged up in her ass buzzing away. and she's slamming a long black rubber dildo (with a handle) in her cunt. With her free hand she's spanking her clit.

Voyeurs delight.

I try to pay her no mind and simply strip off, walk to my computer and boot it up. Why?, to tell you about this. Needless to say my cock is completely erect and throbbing madly at the sight of this.

As I wait, I look at her and tell her to stop. She pouts, just a bit. I roll back my chair a bit, open my legs and tell her to come in between my legs and suck me.

So I sit here writing this as she takes me into her throat. She's working me well - the balls, inner thighs, my ass, saliva drippin as I like it, & her hands' all over me. I have no plans to cum anytime soon.

Lockjaw may occur before I before I dispense with a protein reward.



(the rest of day one to follow in a few days time)
I won't get to finish this yet,

probably not until Monday when my unexpected guest leaves back for Cali

until then



The intensity level is rising and all 4 of us are now really getting into a fuck groove & the mindset seems to be that no one cares how this goes as long as we get it off. No doubt this wasn't gonna be a quickie and the sun was long going to be up b4 it was over.

Cockboy is being forced to suck my nutsack while the slut is pulling his hair, she has a finger up my ass and her mouth firmly planted on my soaking wet cock. I'm completely hitting the back of her throat and it's just sliding straight down her gullet effortlessly. Her free hand is tuggin on my left nipple ring and the small shockwaves are running thru me right down into my crotch area.

Behind her is her girlfriend (fuck, we don't even know each others names yet), barreling into her and slapping her ass cheecks - smack, SMACK, S M A C K ! The harder the smacks come, the more she's groaning on my cock. I'm bucking my hips up into her face with the rhythm of her getting fucked, running on all 4 pistons now as my balls slap into cockboys mouth. For a few moments, I just threw my head back, zoned out and succumed to the sensations and sounds of the hot perversity.

By this time, I desperately need to fuck. I pulled the sucking face of my cock and pushed her to the side. Standing up, cockboy falls to the side, his shaft flapping in the air & he leans on the front of the couch and continues his stroking. Fuck that, I'm going to use his two friends for all they're worth. I walk round Mz Strapon and notice that she's fucking her girlfriend ass. Fucking A. So I crouch behind her, use my hands to spread her open and spit on her pucker.

I knelt down to lick it, pulled aside the strap and pushed a finger up her cunt. The wetness in her was thick and hot, so I pulled out to taste her. Sweet.She kept fucking & I pushed 3 fingers right in. They were swallowed up in moments. I continued to finger her and licked her anus at the same time. But her pumping motions kept banging my head. I pulled my head back and took a long look at both cunts bent over in front of me. The shaved lips looked pretty inviting as the rubber cock was thrusting in her ass so I used my free hand to finger her as well. Looking underneath I could see that her mouth was now working it's magic on cockboy.

FUCK, phone @ 9 am ?

back later
Sorry it's been a while, but now I have the day off & I'm sitting here waiting for the breaks on my car to be installed.

Her hand was now firmly wrapped around my cock as she slid it right in. The cunt in front of me was thoroughly soaked from the just prior fucking and took me in with ease. The feeling of my cock, balls deep in this lovely hole was sensational, not to mention the tingly tongue that was snaking in & out of my ass. She was swirling her tongue around as I began pumping and had her other hand on my balls.

Three utterly different sensations in my crotch area was more than sufficient to make me shoot my mess inside this sloppy cunt. But no fucking way was THAT going to happen. I had plans to milk this for all it was worth. Make no mistake of that.

I pumped her for only a few moments before I extracted myself from her. She took er mouth off the cock in front of her & looked back at me, asking, "what the fuck"?

I grinned & at the same time reached back, grabbed a lock of hair from the head that was buried in my ass and pulled her away. Bending down, I reached for my shorts and pulled them on. All 3 were somewhat stunned that I'd simply walk away from this. I had other ideas to implement and had to find out where they were at. On my way out the laundry room door, I simply said, apartment 222 in 10 minutes, and walked away. Looking back, I saw the two of them bend over and went back to blowing the guy in a washer.

Once back upstairs, I hopped into the shower, cleaned myself up and gave a thorough shave to my crotch area. Smooth now as a babies arse.

And exactly 10 minutes later...knock, knock, knock. Oh yeah , party time.

What I saw, needless to say was these three had a huge exhibitionistic streak in them. The girls were naked from the waist up (nipples erect) and the guy, totally naked (cock still hard) with his clothes in his hands. Of course, being straight from the shower, I was quite naked myself and more than ready to pick up where we left off.

I ushered them into the living room where one of the girls immediately stripped right off. The 2nd girl excused her self mentioning that she'll be right back and left the apartment.

I walked into the kitched and brought back a bottle of Mezcal (Tequila with the worm) & a bottle of Ciroc. No big surprise to see the guy on his hands n knees kneeling in between her legs lapping away at her as he jerked his cock off furiously. Nice. Putting the bottles down, I got up on the couch and inserted my cock into her mouth. She needed no prompting as she took me down and sucked.

OK, lets see where this goes....

I began slapping her tits really hard. She made no protest & instead groaned. Urged on by that response, I slapped even harder. I then grabbed her head & forced myself deep into her throat and face fucked her. Once I hit the very back of her throat, I realized she was an incredibly experienced cocksucker. She gagged (once), then all of a sudden, I felt her throat simply open up. It was like a door opening and my cock slid right past and went DOWN right to the balls. This was my invitation to fuck her face. She looked up at me , her eyes widening as I shoved in deep and pumped at her. Drool began escaping from the corners of her mouth, down her neck to her chest and the tears were slowly welling up in her eyes. I just LOVE it sloppy.

By this time, the guy licking her was now simply sitting back on the floor, legs open and jerking off while I was working his girlfriends face & her foot was massaging his balls. Fine with me.

The door opens, then slams shut and I hear my locks click into place. Fuckee #2 walks into the living room, a vibrator in one hand and a strapon in the other. Implements - how lovely. No sooner is she in the living room & now naked, she steps into the strapon and sports her own girl erection. She ignores cockboy and gets right up on the couch on the other side of her friend. Kneeling over her, she opens her mouth and and applies her tongue to my balls. This didn't last all that long as she grabbed my cock, took it from the other mouth and sucked it herself. At the same time, she's pinching and twisting her girlfriends nipples. Even with the AC on, the sweat is dripping off me by this point. I reach down and take the other nipple into my hand and squeeze it hard, twisting and pinching it. The little tramp is now squeeming under our hands & her legs are kicking up, almost whacking me in the face.

Looking down I can see the rubber cock in her mouth and I'm completely stoked by now. I pull out & thrown them both to the floor. Time to mix it up a bit. I take my place on the couch,open my legs and motion to the both of them what they are to do. On hands n knees they both crawl up to me, STILL ignoring cockboy as he continues to tend to his own needs. The guy has a massive piece on him and he seems just as content to watch the action.

The two of them spit on my cock and begin furiously jerking the shaft, each one then taking turns just licking the head. I then grab Mz. Asslicker by her hair and push her face right down onto the cock. Both hand are now on top of her head and I'm pushing her & pulling her for maximum effect. The other is already lashing her wet tongue all over my sack and asshole, pleasuring my beyond my expectations. Saliva from both mouths mixed with the sucking sounds are driving me fucking wild and the wetness is now rolling down to my ass. I'm now pumping my hips up into her face and she's taking all of it. As I jerk my hips, I feel the tongue move from my ass, only to be replaced by a finger now. I can see that much as the two bodies are all over me now and erotic sensations are running thru me like electricity. Ahhh, but now the tongue is back on my balls and the finger still in me as the other mouth is still engulfing my shaft. I crook my head over and look down. She has cockboy by the hair and his head is between my legs as well, and slurping on my balls. Fine, he wants to lick, so be it.

Ms. cocksucker gets off my shaft and gets down on the floor now, right behind her girlfriend and immediately is inside the pussy.

Phone call...my car is ready, so more to cum later on
I got home from a shoot last night round 1am. I was not in the mood to edit.

So what do I do instead? Fucking laundry. Turns out it wasn't such a bad idea after all.

I get into the laundry room and one of my neighbors is there fucking his girlfriend while HER girlfriend is taking pix of them.

Now isn't this special? OK, so here's the visual. Two dryers next to each other and a bar hanging from the ceiling (to hang) shirts from. The guy is sitting on the dryer and she is squatting on him facing away, her hands holding on to the bar as she rides him. I barely notice the guy, other than he's got a huge cock and he's slapping into her. She on the other hand has a nice set of tits, flopping and bouncing around, his hands running all over them. A nicely shaved cunt and her juice is dripping all over him. Jet black hair in a ponytail. All three having noticed me and almost pay me no mind in continuing what they are doing.

So I lean over to the babe taking pix and whisper to her, "So, do you come her often"?
As I do so, I run my hand down and slide it over her ass cheeks. Wouldn't ya know it & just my luck, she leans her head back onto my shoulder and lets out a soft moan.

The guy finally looks over at me and grins some kinda perverse acknowledgement. At this I ask him, if this is a private party of can anyone join? The guy is too into what he's doing and simply grunts, "whatever".

At this point my laundry basket is down on the floor and I run my hands along this babes waist n ribs. It really doesn't hurt that she's wearing a pair of shorts & a tank top. I slide both my hands underneath her top and grab hold of a nice set of tits, with nipples fully erect.

I take control of the situation and push her closer to her two copulating friends. Getting no resistance, I bend her over in between them and without any additional prompting from me, she grabs the guys dick, pulls it out of her girlfriend and envelopes the thing with her mouth. With my crotch to her ass, I grind her and she humps back on me.

Alright then, so this isn't a private party and it seems I'm a welcomed guest. I drop my short and out comes my already swollen shaved cock. It fits nicely along her asscrack and I slide it up n down on her as she continues to suck. Fuckee #1 wriggles out from underneath her boyfriend and off the machine. To my surprise and delight, she comes and stands behind me, puts her arms round me and starts tweaking my nipples, tugging on the rings & darting her tongue in & out of my ear.

They don't stay there for long. I can feel her entire body slowly working down my back and her hands in front are going lower and lower. She stays away from my shaft & instead, cups my ball sack with both hands and then snakes her tongue into my ass. Now this was going to turn out to be a lovely ending to a rather dull day.

The sweet ass in front of me was now fully bent over and exposed to my line of sight. So I took advantage of the situation and slipped two fingers in the opening of fuckee #2. #1 noticed this and immediately took one hand, grabbed my own and quickly removed it. Instead, she then grabs my erection, tugs it two or three times and simply pushes it right into her friend.

Please let me know if you want to find out what else happened, how, where, & who. I'd just love to share this adventure.
slutdenise is a very dirty woman. She does as she's told, when she's told and never complains. She loves being used sexually has little to no limits, but something is missing. First off, we have no relationship other than fucking. We both know this, it's been agreed upon and each of us gets to go our own way, no questions asked.

But even tho the sex is what I want, how I like it et al, something is missing there.

There is no personality, it's almost as if she's empty. For instance, if we're out at dinner or drinks, I feel as if I'm by myself.

My life as it is, simply doesn't allow for an LTR for the time being, but I'm needing something with a bit more give & take in other departments.

So who's in the Philly, NJ, Del area that wants to hang with me this summer? I'd like to fuck someone with some kind of personality. Dinner, drinks, movies, hot dirty FUCKING, with no constraints of what a "relationship" brings.

find me at

I'm waiting, it's hot out & so am I