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We just got out of the shower and are preparing to go out, have dinner n drinks & watch some
4Jul fireworks bangs.

We fucked in the shower for about 45 minutes and she simply adored THE WATERPIC ON HER CLIT as I
raped her tight ass over & over. Oh how she was squealing.

But that's quite another story for here & not my purpose as of now.

Last entries BJ .......

I want to hear from all of you, some of you, ANY of you regarding the longest blow job.

I am NOT a greedy or selfish sex partner, NO, not in the very least. It matters not what I am doing to my partner or how, whether I am using her, abusing her, ruffing her up, chained, cuffed, tied, verbally humiliating her, fisting or whatever else it is I do. I always see to her needs, whatever they may be. If it's before, during or after, she will always get her pleasures.needs met.


The blowjob, was ALL about me, my cock, my pleasure and maybe even a Guinness (spelling?) Book of World Records?

Her mouth pleasured my entire crotch area for well over 3 1/2 hours before I dumped my seed all over her face & down her throat. Any kind of cocksucking you can come up with, I had her indulge me.

I want to know what, who, where & when was the longest time spent orally pleasuring a cock.


off to do some skywatching

I just had a steamy play session... more details later in my next post...