The intensity level is rising and all 4 of us are now really getting into a fuck groove & the mindset seems to be that no one cares how this goes as long as we get it off. No doubt this wasn't gonna be a quickie and the sun was long going to be up b4 it was over.

Cockboy is being forced to suck my nutsack while the slut is pulling his hair, she has a finger up my ass and her mouth firmly planted on my soaking wet cock. I'm completely hitting the back of her throat and it's just sliding straight down her gullet effortlessly. Her free hand is tuggin on my left nipple ring and the small shockwaves are running thru me right down into my crotch area.

Behind her is her girlfriend (fuck, we don't even know each others names yet), barreling into her and slapping her ass cheecks - smack, SMACK, S M A C K ! The harder the smacks come, the more she's groaning on my cock. I'm bucking my hips up into her face with the rhythm of her getting fucked, running on all 4 pistons now as my balls slap into cockboys mouth. For a few moments, I just threw my head back, zoned out and succumed to the sensations and sounds of the hot perversity.

By this time, I desperately need to fuck. I pulled the sucking face of my cock and pushed her to the side. Standing up, cockboy falls to the side, his shaft flapping in the air & he leans on the front of the couch and continues his stroking. Fuck that, I'm going to use his two friends for all they're worth. I walk round Mz Strapon and notice that she's fucking her girlfriend ass. Fucking A. So I crouch behind her, use my hands to spread her open and spit on her pucker.

I knelt down to lick it, pulled aside the strap and pushed a finger up her cunt. The wetness in her was thick and hot, so I pulled out to taste her. Sweet.She kept fucking & I pushed 3 fingers right in. They were swallowed up in moments. I continued to finger her and licked her anus at the same time. But her pumping motions kept banging my head. I pulled my head back and took a long look at both cunts bent over in front of me. The shaved lips looked pretty inviting as the rubber cock was thrusting in her ass so I used my free hand to finger her as well. Looking underneath I could see that her mouth was now working it's magic on cockboy.

FUCK, phone @ 9 am ?

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